What Is This New Normal?

Here at Baere our "new" normal doesn't look that different from our "old" normal.  I was taught from early on, treat others as you would be treated and generally speaking we will all get along well.  Respect each other and each other's views.  Do good.  Be kind.  Pick up after yourself.  Don't sneeze on a stranger.  Don't sneeze on a friend.  Send a card to a loved one.  Send a card to the older neighbor down the street.  Wash your hands.  Don't let your dog poop in the neighbors yard on your walk.  Don't call people names.  Don't lick the door knobs...  So as we all try to grapple with our role in the state of things, remember, to everyone there is a point of view.  And what we believe in our heart to be true will become OUR reality.  Be careful what you embrace in your heart.

So our "new" normal is pretty close to our "old" normal, add a few face masks and a lot more sanitizer.  We continue to respect every customer as the individual which they are.  We are about fixing fuels and lubricants challenges, everyone's, period.

In the meantime, you may wonder about the downturn in commercial aviation.  Is Baere still operating?  First, emphatically YES!  But owner/operators do have some "new normal" concerns with which Baere is here to help.  "How long can fuel be in this aircraft without issue?", "How do I inspect for biological growth in my aircraft fuel tanks?", "Is there still sustainable aviation fuel development?"  You may be pleased to know, Baere is still open, we are still providing research and design support, and we are still helping answer fuels and lubricants questions.  Contact us with your needs and we will see what we can do for you and with you.

In the meantime, stay safe and be kind.

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