Is it March Already?

2021 is in full swing and already getting away from us here at Baere!  The good news is that the reason it is getting away is that we are busy!  New projects, the company's first "outside the bubble" travel since March 2020, and continued opportunities.  We hope you and yours are also beginning to feel a "thaw" in your work dynamics.  And obviously, if there are ways Baere can help ease you over the transition, call or email us, our chemists and technologists are at your disposal.

This does not mean that 2020 has slipped quietly into that good night.  2021 has hopped out with some challenges of its own to be sure!  I mentioned we sent our first person out into the greater world.  We weren't ready for too much "out" though so the trip to Atlanta, GA was made by car.  From Indiana that is a nine to ten hour drive... normally.  Melanie headed out in the midst of a unique winter vortex.  There was, not surprisingly, ice in Indiana.  A two hour back-up for an overturned tri-axle dump truck.  And there was snow in Kentucky.  And in Tennessee.  I think that in Nashville there was more snow on the ground than in Indiana.  And snow is a particular challenge for our friends in the Volunteer state; working in it, moving it, getting it out of the way.  But they did a good enough job for us to safely pass through.  Thanks to the TDOT for hanging in there!  And we topped the now 13 hour drive off with a drive through the clouds at the pass at Chattanooga.  Not fog, clouds.  But it all went well, we had our meeting, and we came home in nine hours.  Melanie quarantined when she got back and so far all is well! 

It should go without saying, we here at Baere are sending prayers towards Texas.  That cold snap was a real double whammy for them.  Cold weather and power loss.  My brother moved to Texas from Michigan to get AWAY from that sort of thing.  At least the power is back on and people can work on getting things up and running again.

Looking forward ASTM has announced the D02 Petroleum meetings will be virtual again this semester.  They are doing a great job of continuing the business of maintaining standards and specifications as we forge through the pandemic.  I miss the networking and catching up, but at least we are still getting the work done.  The SAE meetings are virtual again this spring as well.  I will admit, the virtual meetings have allowed Baere to have representatives at more of these working meetings.  Without the overlap of travel, the costs, and the time out of the office, our staff has much more freedom to attend the events.  So I guess a little good has come of a lot of discomfort!

Well, spring is around the corner, the little yellow flowers are blooming in my yard, there is good news on the infection/death rates for the Covid-19 pandemic, and maybe, God willing, we are on the right-hand side of that bell curve!  Hang in there everyone, keep washing those hands and covering those sneezes, and maybe April will see us making more progress in getting back to whatever is "normal" for you.

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