Mount Fuji in the Spring

April Showers

April showers.  Out of my office window I can see a tumultuous pile of daffodils, their sunny heads bobbing in the spring breezes...  Or they were until this weekend when a brisk snow storm blew through.  Now their heads are drooped and sad.  But I can see the promise of hope in their heads; when the snow melts and the temperature comes back up, they will lift their heads again and smile into the warm rays.  I hope that feeling of expectation comes into your life as well with the promise of a great day.

Okay, so much for waxing poetic.  I must admit I find it hard to believe we are ready to breach APRIL already.  We at Baere are beginning to make PLANS.  I will admit we are a bit rusty in the fine art of travel planning.  And even though Baere remained open through the last two years, we are also finding we are a bit rusty in maintaining an internal feel for the passage of time.  Thank heavens for our planners and calendars!  The first week of May sees the president going to the Aviation Fuels Meetings of the Coordinating Research Council in Alexandria, VA where she will be presenting on a little experiment with DEF fluid and Jet A.  While May seems a long way away, the speed at which April arrived suggests otherwise!

In the meantime, we are busy applying for research projects, quoting to clients, and working hard on existing contracts.  This all makes us very happy because it means things are finally beginning to be better for our colleagues!  And for us also, I won't lie.  We may enjoy the success of our peers, but we do have to stay busy too!

So, if you need a little fuels or lubricants assistance, or a lot for that matter, we continue to be available to you.  Just click the button below and send us your question.  Let's see if we can do you a service too!

In the meantime, be kind and be safe.