New Beginnings

April is underway, and I for one feel like the caterpillar emerging as a butterfly.  Everyone at the company has gotten their Covid vaccination and we feel like we can begin to breathe again.  Literally.  While we still wear masks when we go out, we find we are doing it more with an air of moving forward than the sense of fear it carried for most of the winter.

During the past month we have had a noticeable increase in routine testing requests, suggesting that our research colleagues are beginning to get back to work also.  We are working on quotes for continuations on some existing contracts which is also good news.

Looking forward we at Baere are participating in the industry efforts to be more proactive in providing standards for synthetic aviation fuel.  This is supportive of, but should not be confused with, "sustainable" aviation fuel.  While many of the synthetic fuel blends are indeed "sustainable" as well as "synthetic", not all of them are.  "Sustainable" is a regulatory term that we in the research, development, and deployment end of the industry are not as a whole in a position to address.  But we intend to do what we can so that those synthetically prepared fuels that do meet the regulatory definition of sustainable have been reviewed, standardized, and specified, and are ready to safely deploy at higher blend levels up to 100%.

Hydrogen - While we are on the topic of advanced planning, I am sure that there of those of you wondering about hydrogen powered aircraft.  Baere's personnel are working to stay at the forefront of the efforts.  While we are just beginning to consider the deployment challenges, we know that there are going to be many compatibility and distribution questions, not only on the airport, but in the aircraft.  To that end we are making sure to attend the presentations, and to participate on the working groups looking at these upcoming challenges. 


Note, we did not take the photograph of the airplane there, it comes from Airbus and the particular image comes from

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