Focusing on the Small Victories

Baere remains fortunate that as this monumental year 2020 continues to play out, we have been able to find and focus on the small victories.  Baere has remained open and all those here remain healthy.  We have projects to work, and new opportunities to grasp.  Our president has been invited to collaborate on a fuel textbook.  She has been asked to chair an ASTM Jet Fuel committee.  Aviation gasoline research continues forward at a good clip.  While there have been set backs, such as difficulty in procuring laboratory gloves, there have been successes.  Who would have thought there would be cheers over Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning wipes?

I know there are those reading this on both sides of the mask debate.  I have great difficulties wearing a mask without succumbing to claustrophobia, but I want those in my community with small businesses to remain open, so I wear one.  I do not like that instead of asking us to wear them because we don't know what else to do, we have had executive orders telling us to do so because we say so, but I will.  I have had so many experts telling me often contradictory things: "It is the best and only way to protect yourself!", "Doctors have known for years, it slows the spread of germs", "Here is data that shows it doesn't do anything!", "We are destroying our sense of self and our children." I have felt defeated.  I actually asked my doctor what he thought.  His response was "Think of it as sneezing into your sleeve.  It slows down the saliva droplets and breath moisture where the virus may be from leaving your face very far.  Are you stopping the virus from going forth?  Probably not, but you are slowing down the droplets of moisture leaving your nose and mouth headed towards the air.  Are you stopping it from coming in if a virus floats by?  Probably not.  So wear a mask for now to protect others until we know more.  And wash your hands, a lot, to protect yourself."  We can't wear a mask forever, but for a short while, I'll do my best.

I am not going to make this a political bully pit, everyone is entitled to an opinion and I know everyone of you is sincerely passionate about your own beliefs.  That is good!  Educate yourself, read more than your Twitter feed and VOTE.  Put on a bunny suit and go to the polls, register for absentee voting, get your mail-in ballot and be honest, but vote.  And remember, watch those local elections, because you never know when people with an agenda with which you disagree are trying to take over your community while you are frustrated, scared, and looking elsewhere.

In the meantime, stay safe and be kind.

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