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CRC Report


Another CRC is behind us - That was a lovely start to the month of May.  Our senior staff chemist headed to Renton, WA for the annual CRC Aviation meetings.  I'll admit, it was with some trepidation that she headed to the Seattle area.  Sadly, she was told that a great deal of what the media had been showing for the home of the Space Needle was true.  Our meetings, however, were in the sister city of Renton, right next door to the Boeing Renton facility.  And it was a sleepy, quiet area which was very pleasant.  The meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency and the hotel was a superb venue.  


As in the past, the meetings were held over three and a half days and were subdivided by the organization's primary subcommittees:

  • Aviation Gasoline and Piston Fuels

  • Production and Delivery

  • Fuel Handling, Contamination, and Microbiology

  • Advanced Research and Test Methods

  • Operability

  • Fuel System Safety

  • Properties and Emissions

  • Publications Group

  • Fuel System Stability

  • Emerging Fuels


Over the course of the sessions, there was a great deal of technical information shared.  The beauty of the sessions is while it is technical and at times very "hard core", it is all presented in a very 'consumable' way.  After all, four days of technical fuel information can become overwhelming if one is not careful.  The meetings were able to make use of lessons learned and provide a "hybrid" presentation style.  That meant we were able to get information from speakers who were unable to join us in Renton.  Presentations ranged from updates on CRC funded programs, new analytical test equipment, challenges that have arisen over the past year, successes, and a look forward to where aviation fuels are going.  We even had a presentation on hydrogen aircraft!  And lest you think we are solely U.S. focused, we had presentations from the U.K, France, and Germany.  To break things up, there were many opportunities for networking, both at evening networking events, and at coffee breaks throughout the day.  As in the past, we had an evening event at a local venue, this year, the Boeing Museum of Flight.

While the presentations are not currently open literature, please contact Jan Tucker at the CRC if you would like to learn more and see what specific topics were presented.  And contact us here at Baere if you see an area that we may be able to help you with something on which you are working.


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