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Valentine Candy

Is it really February Already?

Here in the US February means three things - the days are getting longer and spring is close, I have made it through the first month of my New Year's resolutions, and gee, I'd better get an appointment with my accountant!  I bet you thought I was going to say Groundhog's Day, St. Valentine's day and Black History Month.  Well, those things are (obviously) also true, but it just goes to show that there are lots of meanings for anything depending on perspective.  And variety is the spice of life.  You may not agree with me, and I may not agree with you, but that does not mean I should smack you upside the head!  And please, don't smack me.  So, Happy St. Valentine's Day!

January was actually a busy month at Baere.  There is always that magical time of resetting the office- new 2023 folders for the office business files, new wall calendars, and the freshness of a new start.  Some of us put a lot of pressure on those "new" breaks, be it a new year (a lot of pressure on that one), a new month (hey January is behind me, I can start new on my resolutions, yea!), even a new month (okay, that was a disaster, let's try again).  We did spend a week getting the decks cleared, the calendars hung and filled in, and new folders in the file cabinet.  We were able to finish the reports for one of our contracts and get those submitted to the client.  That always comes with a sense of completion and maybe a tad bit of relief?  Getting a new contract is always fun, then there is the work which we enjoy, and then its on to the next new bright shiny object.  If you have a one off project or test with which you need help, give us a call.  You can be our next bright shiny object!!  And one of those magical new breaks!

Work on the FAA's Fleetwide authorization of a new unleaded aviation gasoline is continuing.  We at Baere are busily developing updated testing for the latest phase of testing being shepherded by the William J Hughes Technical Center.  There has been a bit of press on how long this is taking and why.  One of the biggest reasons is that the industry is attempting to do 40 years of testing and development in 10 with the contributions of contemporary hindsight.  Remember if we miss something, and bad things happen, there will be a lot of questions of "why didn't you?"  So, there has been an amazing amount of testing done, many lessons learned, and it has been successful in distinguishing between chemistries.  It is easy to ask why is it taking so long, why haven't you found an unleaded replacement?  But what is not out there in the press are the "successful failures", that is finding something that could have been an issue BEFORE it is an issue.  It has been asked why it is so expensive.  I'd argue that it has been a reasonable sized budget.  Consider what it would be like to consider every airframe, engine, and propeller EVER built.  Baere isn't going to get rich on this I assure you, but it is a valuable contribution to the industry, and we continue to do our small piece.  If you are someone interested in presenting an idea for an unleaded aviation gasoline, now is the time to come forward.  I would recommend starting with ASTM D7826 as a guide into what sort of data is evaluated.  And if you would like to explore this effort, let us know.

In the meantime, I bet you have heard of Harriet Tubman and Maya Angelou.  But how about Wangari Maathai or Vernice Armour?  

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