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Airplane Engine


Specialized Consulting

Who are we?

Baere is a state certified, woman-owned, small business that specializes in solving fuels and lubricant challenges.

Baere is an information source, an educator, a chemist and an aerospace professional.

Baere is a problem solver.

It's not a bulk laboratory, but we can do limited testing (see our test services page) or we can suggest bulk labs where you can go to get analyses done.

We have a chemist who can interpret lab results for you.

We don't do metallurgy, but we will work with you to get failure analyses performed.

From design to the field, Baere supports the aerospace industry.



This is where your fuel and lubricant solutions begin

Over the last decade the use of multi-functional teams, cross-training, doing more with less, and working smarter not harder have become the mantra of contemporary companies.  One person now does the sample receiving, inspection, evaluation, and documentation.  Nothing new?  But they are also the one responsible for identifying the compliant record keeping system, uploading the current patch, formatting the input files, and controlling the data access.  Not enough?  They are also the one identifying new research projects, writing proposals, preparing documentation, developing the teams, leading the project, and executing the research.  Sometimes it is impossible to see the big picture anymore for all the work.  How can one person recognize opportunities, connect resources, identify synergies, and bring it all together?  All while doing the job for which one was hired?

Consider asking us for help.  We are available to provide technical assistance and analytical testing on a wide variety of fuel, lubricant and sealing material subjects.  Companies want to find more environmentally friendly products and processes, but are struggling to add another topic to their list of projects.  We get paid to see things going on across the landscape and painting a unified picture.  Your staff is already spread thinly and have no more time to take on one more project.  Baere Aerospace can help you on a contract basis.  You only pay for the time and services you need.

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