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Another Year in the Books

A Look Back and a Look Forward

2019 has evaporated for us at Baere and it has been a good one.  First we'd like to say thank you to all our clients, both those who have been with us over the years and those who are new.  Without customers, Baere would be so much less interesting.  Believe it or not, we learn from you all, perhaps more than you learn from us. 

This past year found our specialists involved in interesting lab projects - flashpoints on degreasers, surface tensions on foaming agents, and salt contents in fuels.  We had a chance to provide information on rubbers, elastomers, and polymers and their relationship to fuel exposure.  We have commented on vapor lock testing with jet fuel.  And we have continued our support of alternative aviation gasoline testing.

We also spent more time on the road.  Conferences in Puerto Rico, Denver, Long Beach, and New  Orleans.  Site visits in Florida.  Presentations in Dallas. 

And we've taken on new challenges - SAE aviation piston oil standard upgrades, monographs on aircraft detonation tests, and screening test developments for polymeric fuel tanks.

Yes, a very good year.  But time stands still for no man or woman, so we are already looking forward to 2020.  We have testing to finish on aviation gasoline, we have proposals out to develop new aircraft fuel tank labeling and to help move ASTM testing requirements forward in aviation gasoline.  We are participating in jet fuel thermal stability investigations.  And we look forward to the next new, unknown project.  Maybe yours!

So drink a cup of kindness yet, and have an exceptional New Year!