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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.

Solving challenges involving fuels and lubricants on aerospace systems

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Welcome to Baere!
This is where your fuel and lubricant solutions begin.

Baere is a woman-owned business certified in the state of Indiana, formed to fill a niche market in aerospace material management, specifically fuels, lubricants, adhesives, paints, and other organic coatings and seals.
Research on aerospace fuels and lubricants continues at unprecedented rates.   New fuels from bio-renewable sources, cleaner burning synthetic fuels, and opportunities away from foreign crude oil provides opportunities.   It also raises questions -on the impacts of use, -on deployment, -on specifications and certifications.


You have questions...  We have answers.


FAA Announces Contract to Execute the UARC-PAFI Initiative

And Baere is a part of it!

Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc. will partner with Crown Consulting, Inc. (CCI) on a five-year $12.5 million contract awarded to CCI by the FAA.  The contract will assist the agency’s Aviation Fuel and Engine Test Facility (AFETF) at the William J. Hughes FAA Technical Center in performing research, test and engineering analysis to develop standards and aid in selecting unleaded gasoline for General Aviation.  Baere Aerospace’s role will be to provide expertise in the preparation and review of the materials testing being performed by the FAA.  Baere’s portion of the contract is $755,000. 


In a September 26, 2014 Press Release, CCI announced:

The support under this contract will play a critical part in the scientific research that AFETF is conducting under the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI), supplying the empirical basis for high-visibility regulatory decisions and ultimately market selection.  CCI, with a history of strengthening aviation research practices will collaborate with AFETF to broaden traditional test resources and bring to bear recent advances in aviation fuel test protocols. CCI will assist AFETF in operating its extensive test and analytic infrastructure while providing ongoing interaction with cutting edge expertise in Fuel Property and Material Compatibility, Engine and Aircraft Testing, and Fuel Toxicology.

Melanie Thom, President of Baere Aerospace says, “Baere Aerospace is uniquely qualified to provide cutting edge expertise in Fuel Property and Material Compatibility.  As the GA is required to make their operations environmentally sustainable, Baere is committed to contributing to this effort.  This is Baere’s largest contract to-date and demonstrates our position in the industry”

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   What has Baere done recently?
   Our personnel have provided support on:
  • Awarded a five year contract to support the FAA PAFI Unleaded Fuel Study by preparing the material compatibility requirements and overseeing the testing
  • Partnering with a local university to develop carb ice studies for use with new aviation gasoline replacements
  • Participation on the ASTM F44 committee developing documents for FAR Part 23
  • Converting municipal waste in Indiana to liquid fuels and power
    Chair of ASTM Task Force to develop an approval process for new aviation gasolines
  • Alternative fuels for aviation - bio-derived and synthetic
  • Education and support on engineering design
  • Education seminars on using fuels and lubricants on fielded equipment
  • Fuel additive reviews
  • Project management - from facilitation to upper level management


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