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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.

Solving challenges involving fuels and lubricants on aerospace systems

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Welcome to Baere!
This is where your fuel and lubricant solutions begin.

Baere is a woman-owned business, formed to fill a niche market in aerospace material management, specifically fuels, lubricants, adhesives, paints, and other organic coatings and seals.
Research on aerospace fuels and lubricants continues at unprecedented rates.   New fuels from bio-renewable sources, cleaner burning synthetic fuels, and opportunities away from foreign crude oil provides opportunities.   It also raises questions -on the impacts of use, -on deployment, -on specifications and certifications.


You have questions...  We have answers.


Spring is sprung, the Grass is riz, I wonder where the New Jet fuel is...

Spring arrived in the Midwest in April … and exited 4 hours later when summer temperatures arrived. Followed by a cool down, and then another careening back upwards.

After the extended winter that seemed reluctant to release its grip on our area, we are certainly not complaining about the above-normal temperatures.  The frost-bitten ground has given way to a particularly lush and colorful spring. It’s a pleasure to have the office windows of Baere Aerospace open to enjoy the change of season.

It has been a busy new year for Baere Aerospace- we have traveled to professional conferences each month since December.

In January we were off to D.C. to participate in the CAAFI meetings.  Even with all the budget challenges our government has had, CAAFI remains a driving force of collaboration for participants in the alternative aviation fuel industry with new projects and partners added monthly.  Check them out on their website!

February saw our staff headed west to Wichita KS to participate in the F44 ASTM meetings.  The conversion of the AC 23 to ASTM specifications is a real challenge and the work being done is amazing.

March was a trip to Dallas where one of our partners participated in a review of engine related G.A. incidents.  Our senior staff scientist took the opportunity to see her nieces but learned some interesting things about incident reviews.

The end of April saw our members back in D.C. for the annual Coordinating Research Council meetings.  Work on new and existing aviation gasoline and jet fuel continues to move forward, even as companies struggle with work loads and budgets.  It is quite impressive how much research is being done with a tight resource pool.  Think stone soup!  We're still digesting all that we learned there.

But busy is good as we continue to learn new things that help us deliver our clients the most up-to-date support on fuel developments and deployments.  As always, if we can help you, we are a phone call or email away!

Enjoy your spring!

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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.
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80 N. Sharon Chapel Rd.
West Lafayette, IN 47906
   What has Baere done recently?
   Our personnel have provided support on:
  • Partnering with a local university to develop carb ice studies for use with new aviation gasoline replacements
  • Participation on the ASTM F44 committee developing documents for FAR Part 23
  • Converting municipal waste in Indiana to liquid fuels and power
    Chair of ASTM Task Force to develop an approval process for new aviation gasolines
  • Alternative fuels for aviation - bio-derived and synthetic
  • Education and support on engineering design
  • Education seminars on using fuels and lubricants on fielded equipment
  • Fuel additive reviews
  • Project management - from facilitation to upper level management


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