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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.

Solving challenges involving fuels and lubricants on aerospace systems

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Welcome to Baere!
This is where your fuel and lubricant solutions begin.

Baere is a woman-owned business certified in the state of Indiana, formed to fill a niche market in aerospace material management, specifically fuels, lubricants, adhesives, paints, and other organic coatings and seals.
Research on aerospace fuels and lubricants continues at unprecedented rates.  New fuels from bio-renewable sources, cleaner burning synthetic fuels, and opportunities away from foreign crude oil provide opportunities.   It also raises questions -on the impacts of use, -on deployment, -on specifications and certifications.

You have questions...  We have answers. 

Baere's President wins IASH Chairman Award!


The biennial (every two year) meeting of the International Association for the Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels was held in Rome, Italy, September 11-14, 2017.  It is always a unique mixture of presentations and attendees, covering the gamut of liquid fuel research and considerations.  This year was no different with presentations on topics from marine diesel production to aviation gasoline oxidation studies.  Presenters came from all over the world, from the UK to Germany, from Australia to the United States.

The meeting isn't just about presentations.  It is also designed to encourage networking and to recognize achievements.  The Awards dinner was held at the Villa Miani high above the Roman skyline.  This was an elegant affair that utilized all the forks and more than a few glasses.  Yours truly went as far as to wear white gloves.  The culmination of the event was to recognize individuals who are and have had an impact on all things fuel.  This included recognizing the student contributors, life time achievers and notable participants in the industry.  This year included a Chairman's award, a beautiful award that is given at the chairman's prerogative to just say thank you.  This year's recipient was me!

I cannot thank the IASH board enough for considering me for the honor.  It is a pleasure to prepare the IASH newsletter and these colleagues are more than just people with whom I work, it pleases me to be able to contribute something to them.  Thank you Matt and Pam, and the entire IASH board for thinking me worthy of this special honor.


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