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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.

Solving challenges involving fuels and lubricants on aerospace systems

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Welcome to Baere!
This is where your fuel and lubricant solutions begin.

Baere is a woman-owned business certified in the state of Indiana, formed to fill a niche market in aerospace material management, specifically fuels, lubricants, adhesives, paints, and other organic coatings and seals.
Research on aerospace fuels and lubricants continues at unprecedented rates.   New fuels from bio-renewable sources, cleaner burning synthetic fuels, and opportunities away from foreign crude oil provides opportunities.   It also raises questions -on the impacts of use, -on deployment, -on specifications and certifications.

You have questions...  We have answers. 

Baere's President wins ASTM Award!


ASTM award of Excellence given to Melanie ThomOur president was awarded an ASTM Award of Excellence at the most recent D02 Petroleum meetings in Boston, MA June 27-29, 2017.  This award, presented by her peers in aviation fuels, was an acknowledgement of Ms. Thom's effort on the ASTM D7826 guidance document working group.


Presented by ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants chairman Randy F. Jennings, the Award of Excellence was given to Ms. Thom for the leadership and perseverance in chairing the working group that has developed the guidance document,  ASTM D7826.  The effort included identifying a working group, authoring a document from scratch, and successfully balloting the document.  Said Ms. Thom, "One cannot be successful leading a team without a great team to lead.  I did not do this alone."

Ms. Thom has chaired the working group since its inception in 2009.  With an imposing title of "Standard Practice for Evaluating the Compatibility of Proposed Fuel or Additives with Aviation Otto Cycle Fuels and Aircraft Fuel System Materials", the guidance material was known within the ASTM J2 circles as "Melanie's Document".  But it was by no means a one-woman effort.  The team was and is comprised of representatives from across the industry; from fuel manufacturers, to engine and airframe manufacturers, to regulatory organizations, to end users. 
When the FAA PAFI effort was started, much of the initial laboratory testing and some of the hardware testing was scoped and specified using the nascent guide.  Using lessons learned from the fuel manufacturers and the FAA PAFI program, the document continues to be revised and improved. 


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