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Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc.

Solving challenges involving fuels and lubricants on aerospace systems

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Lab testing service
Help Seeing the Big Picture              
Access to a Unique Scientific Resource without adding personnel

Over the last decade the use of multifunctional teams, cross-training, doing more with less, and working smarter not harder have become the mantra of contemporary companies.  One person now does the sample receiving, inspection, evaluation, and documentation.  Nothing new?  But they are also the one responsible for identifying the compliant recordkeeping system, uploading the current patch, formatting the input files, and controlling the data access.  Not enough?  They are also the one identifying new research projects, writing proposals, preparing documentation, developing the teams, leading the project, and executing the research.  Sometimes it is impossible to see the big picture anymore for all the work.  How can one person recognize opportunities, connect resources, identify synergies, and bring it all together?  All while doing the job for which one was hired?

Consider asking us for help.  We are available to provide technical assistance and analytical testing on a wide variety of fuel, lubricant and sealing material subjects.  Companies want to find more environmentally friendly products and processes, but are struggling to add another topic to their list of projects.  We get paid to see things going on across the landscape and painting a unified picture.  Your staff is already spread thinly and have no more time to take on one more project.  Baere Aerospace can help you on a contract basis.  You only pay for the time and services you need.
Baere offers a full line of technical support services:
Here are some examples of our services, but ask us we, may be able to help you with your own special questions.
Green Aerospace Fluids - Synthetic and Bio-based Fuels and Lubes
New synthetic fuels use                                          Necessary testing                  
Questions on bio-based fuels                                 General questions
Impacts of use                                                        Guidance on research
Engineering Design Support                      Technical Publications Support
Non-metallic material selection                                Review for material currency
Manufacturability considerations                              Approved substitutions
Material compatibility                                                EPA and OSHA triggers review

Field Support                                           Failure Analysis Support
Unknown identification                                             Unknown identification
Sample handling                                                      Contamination identification
Testing support                                                        Compatibility issues
                                                                                 Premature failure
                                                                                "Stinky, yucky and gooey" identification
Project Management Support                      Basic Chemistry Training 
Facilitation                                                                SDS training
Liaison between organizations                                 Sample handling training
Project team structure                                              Safety datasheet training
Task identification   

Company history
Formed in 1999, Baere Aerospace has over 50 years staff experience in dealing with aerospace design support. Our staff includes a degreed analytical chemist, a licensed aviation mechanic, a licensed pilot, and a manufacturing engineer.  We have expertise to cover all aspects of your design and deployment challenges.  Baere's personnel are published authors (popular press, reviewed journals and text books) and have provided lectures, seminars and training courses to the aerospace industry across the country.
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Who are we?

Baere is a state certified, woman-owned, small business that specializes in solving fuels and lubricant challenges.


Baere is an information source, an educator, a chemist and an aerospace professional.

Baere is a problem solver.

It's not a bulk laboratory, but we can do limited testing (see our test services page) or we suggest bulk labs were you where to get analyses done.

We have a chemist who can interpret lab results for you.

We don't do metallurgy, but we will work with you to get failure analyses performed.

From design to the field, Baere supports the aerospace industry.